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First, we inspire

Working with us starts with building a deep understanding of what inclusivity actually means. We do that by sharing our experiences, busting a few myths and engaging everyone in a way that they are inspired and confident to work towards building an inclusive culture. Our inspirational sessions offer an authentic perspective on disability from those that have achieved success in sport and business by focusing on what people can do. We then deep dive to understand the biggest opportunities, which might be improving your employer brand if talent attraction is the problem, or perhaps the in-house 'language' around disability in your culture means the environment isn't supportive. Once everyone is aligned on the scope and we've agreed some broad goals and ambitions, we move to stage two which is focused on understanding our starting point.

Setting the bar

Transparency is key. Once we've aligned on our opportunities and ambition, we need to understand exactly what our starting point looks like so we can genuinely measure our successes. We research the culture against best practice, not just in terms of facilities but in real life, day to day situations. Measures include employee engagement and acceptance, leadership culture and awareness, equality of opportunity and reward, management practice and KPIs as well as the basic physical/environmental needs. Whilst we are absolutely solving a social issue, we also know that our work has a commercial benefit to the organisations who work with us.

Pushing the start button

Having agreed the scope and outcomes, we get down to the real work. Depending on what our research has told us and what we've all agreed we'd like to achieve, we design a whole of business, bespoke program of education, information and guidance to deliver the outcomes we're aiming for. We do the work to revamp the processes, the procedures, physical and non-physical environment, behaviours, culture and learning to set everyone up for success.

Analysing performance

We know this is a marathon, not a sprint, but we can still expect to be able to see some quick wins in the short term, as well as the further milestone outcomes that take time to realise. Along the way we are there to support, suggest, guide and review so that this important transformation is thoroughly embedded.

Our Services

Working with our customers we've learned that achieving a truly inclusive culture, where difference is made normal, and the associated commercial and social benefits are genuinely seen, requires focus on the three critical areas of employer brand, culture, and the physical environment. Each of these elements of our services can be delivered independently or as a whole, depending on the outcomes your organisation is looking to achieve.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
As a starting point, we kick off with a fun and inspiring keynote session delivered by our team, designed to give our audience a first-hand understanding of disability and how to focus on what people can do versus what they can't. We can deliver this session in person or via digital channels to any size of audience. Post this session, we can then gauge the size of the opportunity and the areas that may need a deeper dive.

Employer brand
Of course, this doesn’t just mean how you present to potential employees; it also needs to include your current workforce. Inclusion and belonging matter just as much to them, and it's surprising how many of our customers discover that a significant portion of their workforce identifies as having some form of disability. The work we do can genuinely improve engagement with that workforce in a way that increases motivation, loyalty, and, ultimately, retention. We look at recruitment and pre-employment processes, onboarding and Day 1 structure and performance management in terms of equity and fairness, how staff perceives the organisation and leadership, and the equity of reward and promotion just as an example. We can help to rebuild these critical aspects of the way employees are sourced and selected as well as the way they are integrated into the organisation to make the experience fair and inclusive, whether or not they are hired.

This is a broad look at how the organisation, its processes, language, performance measures, the embedded DNA around disability, and how it feels to be working in this culture with a disability, be it physical or otherwise, such as being neurodiverse. We work on giving your "able" employees the tools, language, and understanding of how to support their colleagues comfortably and confidently, which can be an absolute game-changer for the company.

Physical environment
Quite simply, we look at the current environment and processes, for example, how accessible is your workplace, what are the "entry" requirements, and how accommodating are they for people with specific needs? We look at the facilities and whether there are opportunities for modifications, as well as the process within the company to make the adjustments when they're needed. Is it hard to do? Does everyone know how to go about requesting a change? It might be to IT, to security, or the physical workplace. The ease with which these changes are able to be made, or the process to manage them, really matters from an overall DE&I perspective. We look at these processes and make practical, sensible suggestions to improve.

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