Ryan Jermin

  “I genuinely want to help people become the best they can be. Failure is only tangible when you give up, so if I can’t climb a wall first time, I’ll keep trying… or I’ll smash my way through it!” 


At school, Ryan Jermin’s careers advisor told him he would never get in to a Russell Group university, so need not bother applying. Four years later he graduated from Durham University with a degree in Archaeology and a place on their Masters’ programme. The same quiet determination led him to become a junior black belt in karate. When he sets his mind to something, he finds a way to do it.

Ryan has high functioning autism and despite all he has accomplished in life so far, he rates his friends and teammates as his greatest achievement: ‘If you do good things and be nice to others, you build an environment where good things will happen to you’.

This simple philosophy demonstrates exactly what he brings to The Ability People and exactly why we are so fortunate to have him.