Fran Whitaker

 “I like to think outside the box. As a disabled person, I know only too well how it feels to have limitations put upon you before you even start. I’ve spent my entire life looking for ways to break down these limitations.” 

Fran Whitaker believes in doing all she can to make a difference. It’s an attitude that fired her to incredible success as a swimmer. She won six Paralympic medals, including Silver at Beijing 2008, and five World Championship Golds in a career spanning over ten years. Her drive to make a positive change also helped her to overcome the limiting expectations placed on her at school and graduate from university with a First Class degree.

Living with cerebral palsy, Fran has a unique perspective on success and self improvement. She believes that nothing worth having comes easy and that every step towards a goal is a success in itself. Learning from mistakes is all part of the process.

With this ethos and strength of character, Fran and TAP have a chance to help others achieve goals that society deems impossible.