Fran Bateman

 “I’m here to help people. I really believe anything can be overcome with the right support and understanding. Just focus on your abilities and keep doing the right things in the right way: that’s what being an athlete teaches you.” 


Fran Bateman never stops trying to improve. She was British number one and world silver medallist in va’a canoeing before deciding to try her hand at surf kayaking. A year later she competed with Wales in the surf kayaking world championships and finished third, earning international acclaim in two disciplines within two years.

After suffering brain and neck injuries playing rugby, canoeing became Fran’s sporting focus. However, her true passion lies in helping others. As well as studying towards an MSc in Sports Coaching and High Performance, she works with The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust mentoring young athletes and coaching canoeing, kayaking and wheelchair basketball.

Alongside working to raise the profile of those with fatigue-based or less visible disabilities, Fran brings to TAP an unwavering desire to succeed and help others to do the same.